Access Motors:

Your ACCESS to integrity in automotive

and the process that leads to your satisfaction!

Located close to downtown Redmond
just behind Willows Golf Course

You’ll find Access Motors in a low-key warehouse amidst Porsche racecars and automotive enthusiasts. You won’t find a used car lot. Access Motors is a one-person automotive shop that values transparency and integrity. As the steward of a new business you’ll find me dedicating my time and energy building a company that delivers an uncommon customer experience.

We’re located in the midst of an area served by various professional automotive service industries. Our relationships with mechanics, machinists, detailers, audio and body shops ensures your next purchase will be impeccable and/or your consignment will be ready for market.

Access Motors takes the dread out of acquiring a used car and, in fact, as your buyer’s agent, I can take the hassle out of a new car purchase as well.


Access Motors can sell your car for you and take the expense and hassle out of doing it. We’ll look at what your automobile needs to be ready for the market place, and then choose both a timeframe and price to meet your needs. We’ll market the car and handle the sale.