Marc Turkel
Owner/Access Motors

I worked for Microsoft for 14 years and left in late 2010, another product manager techie scouring the job market for what’s next? I asked myself, what’s missing from the marketplace that would make an obvious and clear difference? The answer to that question had me open Access Motors in late 2011, integrity. For more about how Access Motors delivers on this promise and stay on top of our progress, you can choose to follow the blog.

A buyer’s agent agreement is unique in that Access Motors provides a service and not a product. The service is customized based on your needs and most often includes finding a seller or buyer for a particular automobile. I will work with you in detail to determine your needs and do the work we specify. You then consummate the deal with the seller or go to market. Depending on the scope of work, Access Motors is paid a flat fee to provide the service. Other services we offer are consignment sales and new car logistics, negotiating price with a dealer and arranging for delivery of your new car.